DNAfit x Fiit

At-home interactive fitness classes, tailored to your genes!

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Fiit is the top-rated fitness app that lets you train with the UK's most in demand fitness experts from your phone, tablet or TV.

We've partnered with them to give you personalised training plans that complement your natural body type—so you can achieve your fitness goals faster. The discount available is £20 off, which is a free month on ‘monthly’, or 2 free months on the annual subscription.

With so much on offer, DNAfit and Fiit have curated a selection of classes to optimise your workout time, based on your genes. Explore your personal recommendations below.

Fiit is currently on iOS and UK and Ireland only. Android coming later in 2019. Join the Android waiting list. https://fiit.tv/download.

Recommended Fiit classes, based on your genes

Total Burn

Based on your Power/Endurance

This six week training plan is packed with high energy classes to burn calories, torch fat and get lean. Fast. Build speed and stamina with HIIT, tone muscle with bodyweight training and stretch it out with rebalance classes. Prepare to sweat!

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Movement Master

Based on your Recovery and Injury Risk

This six week training plan will improve your range of motion and flexibility — giving you more freedom in your body. Build core strength and release tension, which helps to prevent injury. This is essential training to enhance performance in everything you do.

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